My artistic work develops in parallel, or perhaps in response, to my career as a graphic designer and illustrator; resulting in a clear influence on the media and in a certain way on my statement as an artist. Development for my most personal work, digital graphic work in very limited series of only two certified copies. Currently we can already find my works in public and private collections, my recognition being increasing.
Much of the pieces made by me in recent years seek their integration into inhabited spaces. Following a line of work, influenced by empowerment for pleasure, the ultimate goal of my work is to integrate into the private and public spheres, providing windows of satisfaction.
The “Reggaeton Art” series was born in 2018, when the professor, sculptor and photographer Ricardo Santonja, in the field of the “Tertulia to Talk about Art and Design”, of which we are both founders, contacted me to comment on a project for the dissemination and support of new artistic currents influenced by the culture of reggaeton music. This would be inspired by the advice of the former Consul of Spain in Puerto Rico, Tomás Rodríguez-Pantoja, whose opinion is that reggaeton is making the whole world sing in Spanish as pop and rock already did with English. And in the same way that pop culture extended to the plastic arts in the form of Pop Art, a new form of art is emerging that we can well call Reggaeton Art. Different conscious artists have directed their particular gaze to this new and fresh trend. of its weight in contemporary artistic expressions.
In 2020, I design and collaborate in the writing of the "1st Reggaeton Art Manifesto", in which I also participate as a guest artist. In this foundational document, the series of neighborhoods, portraits, remakes and reggaeton featurings already appear.
The series "Suite Alicantina" begins with my move to Alicante and in it I focus on visited places playing with abstraction and symbolism. A recovery of the landscape as a superimposition of vectors that generate the illusion of perspective almost always with the use of flat color.
These series and others do not behave like watertight compartments, and sometimes we find works that travel from one context to another in a transversal way. Other works, by theme or character, defend their uniqueness, opening new perspectives and resisting a label.
Because in reality, these reflections are organizational models to address and present different themes, but all my panoramas share the same narrator, the same voice.
In short, I position myself in favor of popular art, accessible although not modest. An author's work but with the heart set on the satisfaction of the observer. My work is not sociological studies, scientific experiments, or political banners. Nor do I claim a merely decorative polite abstraction. My paintings are windows for pleasure and optimism.
Currently I continue to work on these series and other works, both commissioned and personally, and in parallel to my work in the graphic communication studio "Proyecto Limón".